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Electro Hydrogen Generation within a Gas Fired Power Station

What is the opportunity & why does it exist?

  •  Production of hydrogen by splitting H2O using EHG technology driven by natural gas generated waste energy streams
  •  Perpetually rising European natural gas prices forcing co-firing operators to close generation plant
  •  EHG technology replaces natural gas with onsite produced hydrogen for immediate co-firing or storage
  •  VN-HPG charge 50% of the Platts natural gas index price for the replacement fuel

What is the technology and how proven is it?

  • Electro Hydrogen Generation
  • 4th generation EHG-M unit built & tested by Intertek Tickford
  • Tests witnessed & assessed by Keith Scott Professor of Electrochemical Engineering at Newcastle University
  • Energy conversion efficiencies approaching 95% recorded
  • Output should improve significantly when scaled in size
  • The design of a series of stage revised EHG-M units; each being larger than the previous unit with continuous characterisation improvement using data obtained from the previous sequential output test results.
  • 1st scaled version of the finalised EHG design manufactured
  • Preliminary mechanical and longevity testing completed
  • Preliminary alkali electrolyte testing completed with initial on target results achieved.

 Development process required to:

  • 1 x Industry accepted independent test report showing optimal and increasing hydrogen output throughout the stages (Provided by Intertek Tickford & Professor Keith Scott of Newcastle University)
  • 1 x Set of draft design drawings for a fully characterised EHG used either singly or in a series, matched as a minimum to the 10% co-firing fuel requirements of an GE PGT10b gas turbine operating in a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Generation plant being driven by an industry standard steam turbine, power take off drive, or electric motor
  • 1 x signed ‘Option to Purchase’ contract for the Elettra Produzione S.r.l owned 50MW CGT Power Plant in Piombino, Italy.

How & when will it produce revenues?

Patented in 27 Countries VN-HPG will achieve revenues by:

  • Providing the technology to operators upgrading plants
  • Licencing the technology to new-build manufacturers & maintainers of existing plant
  • Sharing in the fuel savings achieved onsite
  • Sharing in the revenues created via sales of excess hydrogen & oxygen created onsite
  • 2-4 years in development before revenues.
  • 3-7 years in revenue before potential investor exit.